Meet the team

Our team of therapists are on hand to help you keep active for everyday life 

With a combined experience of over 25 years working with all types of people we know what it takes to stay pain free and enjoy keeping active. 

Our team of dedicated professionals have one aim - helping you get the most of what we enjoy most everyday. We are experts in our field offering effective support for a range of pains and injuries from head to toe.

Our team consist of people who have competed at amateur and professional levels in running, roller derby, football, dancing, swimming and rock climbing. We know what your body needs to be able to stay strong and healthy in our chosen activities.

We also have been in a range of environments; whether this is an office or studying place to bar work and manual jobs. We all use our bodies in different ways and with this experience we know how to help.

Kieran Lowe

Clinic Director

Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitator

Kaya Simon

Sports Rehabilitator & Sports Massage therapist

Nigel Robinson

Osteopath & Sports Massage Therapist

Hannah Cheetham

Accounts & Invoicing manager

Kieran Lowe - M.Ost, BSc H SRIP

Clinic Director - Osteopath & Sports Rehabilitator

Available for online appointments only

Skills & Training

- Master of Osteopathy 

- BSc H Sports Rehabilitation

- Sports massage

Exercise rehabilitation

- Post surgical rehab

- Taping & bracing

Areas of interest

- Running injuries

- Back and neck pain

- Overuse issues

- Hip and gluteal issues

- Knee problems

- Lower leg & ankle injuries

Kieran has been working within healthcare for over 20 years where he has supported elite and amateur level athletes in the UK and abroad. 

Kieran specialises in working with runners from couch to 5km up to Ultra marathon distances. His combination of Osteopathy and Sports Rehabilitation knowledge and experience means he can help people go from pain and injury to performance enhancement.

"Practicing running is great and the most effective way at improving running... sounds obvious but the body & mind needs to work on a range of activities to ensure you stay strong and injury free"

Kieran comes from a strong background of exercise, sports and activities from football and cycling to dance and roller derby. He is trains regularly with a focus on triathlons currently.

From this interest in Ultra marathon running Kieran started Osteo Adventures; an organisation providing therapist support for Ultra endurance events across the planet.

Kaya Simon - BSc SRIP GSR

Sports Rehabilitator

Skills & Training

- BSc H Sports Rehabilitation

- Sports massage

Exercise rehabilitation

- Taping & bracing

Areas of interest

- Sports injuries

- Everyday pain & issues

- Back and neck pain

- Hip and gluteal issues

- Knee problems

- Leg & ankle injuries

- Hormone cycles & injury risk

- Women's health & Pelvic floor

As a Sport Rehabilitator, Kaya has a wealth of knowledge in all thing’s injury management and rehabilitation. Graduating from the University of Nottingham in 2022; her time here facilitated the opportunity to work closely with national and international athletes from a range of sports including hockey, weightlifting and tennis.  

Kaya is also training as an osteopath at the University College of Osteopathy, allowing her to develop her treatment and diagnostic skills further. This, combined with her current knowledge of exercise prescription and strength & conditioning will allow optimum treatment for her clients.

Kaya is keen to work with people from all backgrounds, including those who do not consider themselves sporty.

Nigel Robinson - B.ost, MBA, PgDip, BA

Osteopath and Massage Therapist

Skills & Training

- Osteopathy

- Exercise rehabilitation

- Dry needling

- Sports massage

- Taping & bracing

- Work station assessment & ergonomics

Motivational interviewing

Gait analysis

- Harmonic technique

Areas of interest

- Back, neck and rib pain

- Cycling injuries an bike ergonomics

- Shoulder pain

- Football injuries, including knee and ankle pain

- Abdominal pain, constipation & other bowel issues

- Persistent & Chronic pain

Nigel has worked in the community physical activity and public health sector for over 40 years. He is currently head of sport and physical activity for Camden Council. His remit includes services for people with long-term medical conditions, including osteopathy.

Also a qualified osteopath, Nigel is therefore uniquely positioned to develop the reach and appeal of osteopathy to a wider audience, which he has made his strategic mission.

Nigel is a passionate and committed osteopath. He often says how much he loves it and helping people to rid themselves of pain and movement restriction and improve quality of life.

“Osteopathy works…it can reduce people’s pain, restore function and re-build physical confidence. As well diagnosis and a range of effective treatments, I strive to provide my customers with the tools they need to help themselves and stay symptom free, long-term”.

Nigel was once a professional footballer and nationally ranked tennis player. Today he is a keen road cyclist and every year enjoys long trips in Europe and beyond (e.g. London to Barcelona). He therefore understands what it feels like to be an injured performance athlete and the need for sports specific and bespoke rehabilitation.

Nigel had a chronic low back problem for many years. A common problem, Nigel turned to osteopathy and became an osteopath; so impressed was he by the positive impact it made on his condition, which is now under control.

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