If you’re struggling with pain or have suffered an injury, Osteopaths are the ideal practitioner to visit. We work with a range of musculoskeletal issues. 

Osteopathy is more than just back and bones, We diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a range of pains, injuries and problems throughout the body. We are unique in our approach to exploring and resolving the issues that causes pain and injury.

We are experts in identifying what’s causing your pain and how to quickly resolve the issue. We do this by completing a thorough assessment, which includes:

Case history

  • Discussing the nature and reasons for you pain
  • Exploring your past medical history
  • Outlining your current & previous activity levels

Physical examination

  • Assessing the way your body should move
  • Clinical tests to rule out issues for a GP
  • Hands-on examination of your tissues and joints

We then ensure you have a diagnosis of the problem, which is explained to you with a suggested plan of action. We take the time to explain our thoughts, diagnosis and treatment, to ensure you are fully aware of your treatment plan and the approach behind it.

Osteopaths are trained to Graduate or Master’s level from a range of University level courses around the UK and Europe. We have over 2000 hours of clinical experience and have been working with patients for at least 2 years prior to graduation.

We are all bound to complete Continuing Professional Development by our governing body. We believe and ensure all our Osteopaths are actively reading and learning new techniques and discussing cases within our clinics.

What to expect from your osteopath

A detailed case history is taken to understand your current symptoms and any wider health issues or factors that may be influencing your pain or discomfort.

Next is a physical examination that firstly screens for more serious health issues, then focuses on active and passive movements to understand the wider issue of why pain is present and not resolving.

Before you receive treatment your osteopath will explain their diagnosis and jointly agree on an appropriate treatment plan. Osteopaths use a wide range of hands on techniques.

Treatment varies depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis, but often focuses on:

  • Improving muscle and joint mobility through hands-on treatment and movement based exercise
  • Increase muscle and tissue strength
  • Helping you understand the reasons for your pain and what this means for your daily life
  • Altering daily movements and tasks that can affect you pain
  • Adjusting your training plan to promote recovery

At times some soreness can be experienced from treatment the next day; however your Osteopath will discuss these as appropriate.

How many appointments you may need will depend on your symptoms, lifestyle and influencing factors, but this will be discussed at your first appointment and reviewed as your treatment progresses.

We will assess what progress has been made and follow or adjust the agreed treatment plan to enable your body to function as effectively as possible.

If you have any concerns about the safety of your treatment please feel free to discuss this with us.

What to bring

It helps your initial assessment if you can change down to your underwear, however, if it is more practical to wear a pair of shorts or leggings and a comfortable vest top, then that is fine too.
Gowns are available on request; please feel free to ask your Osteopath for one.

If you have any x-blood tests, x-rays or other information regarding your health please feel free to bring these with you as it may be useful to your Osteopath.

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